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A pipe smoking family since 1898. 120 years through three generations,
 beginning with my Grandfather, George D. Walker.

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What are ‘Forever’  Stems?

PG-Corn Cobs Side

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Upgrade your Cob
with a
‘Forever’ Stem

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About My Pipes: I have repaired and restored briar pipes for 50 years, which amounts to well over 10,000 pipes.  Over the years I have developed techniques and procedures that result in pipes as close to new and original as is possible.  I am the only one who ever touches any pipe.  I guarantee that you will  be pleased with any Pipe you get from me, or you will get your money back (over the years I have only been asked for refunds twice!).  I love what I do, and I do it well.

I clean, buff, wax, polish, and Ozone Deodorize and Sanitize every pipe in my shop.  They are all ready to smoke or display.  I have done my best to photograph and describe each pipe as clearly and honestly as I can. If you would like additional photos or information on any of the pipes listed, please Contact Me by email or phone.

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Stem Restoration Kit