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Stems for Unfiltered Style MM Pipes

We still make stems for Missouri Meerschaum’s Unfiltered Style pipes.  However, due to confusion in the past we are doing things differently to make sure you get the correct size stems for your pipes.

All of our ‘Forever’ Stems can be made to fit MM Unfiltered Style pipes EXCEPT:

    Vulcanite Spears (3-1/4” or 3-1/2”)
    Vulcanite P-Lip
    Vulcanite Nose Warmer
    Lucite Nose Warmer
    Lucite Tapers

To order stems to fit MM Unfiltered Style pipes, order your stem style and color (if Lucite) on the ‘Forever’ Stems Page.  When you check-out, in the “Instructions to Merchant” section of the check-out screen, indicate that you want the stem(s) to be Unfiltered Style stems.  Then send me an Email verifying that you want the stems to be made to fit Unfiltered Style pipes.

Missouri Meerschaum Unfiltered Style Pipe Models which these stems will fit consist of the following pipes only:

        American Patriot
        MacArthur and MacArthur Original
        Pony Express
        Ozark Mini Hardwood

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