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Stem Restore Kit

(Please read the History of the Stem Restoration Kit,
Kit Instructions and Vulcanite Information pages)

There are two products involved.  The first in an abrasive DEOXIDIZER/Cleaner.  It doesn’t hide, or cover-up oxidation, it REMOVES it.  It contains a mild solvent (that doesn’t harm the Vulcanite) that softens the oxidation, then a mild abrasive in the cleaner removes it.  With about 10 minutes of rubbing the Deoxidizer/Cleaner and applying the second product, a Carnauba Wax /Polish/Sealer you will attain the results you see below.  The oxidation and its taste are gone, and will stay gone.

Below are photos of the nastiest stem I could find in my junk box.  It was deoxidized, cleaned, polished and waxed by my wife, no expert.  Check out the results for yourself.


Each jar in the kit contains 1.5 ounces, enough for at least 50 stems.  The first is a  Deoxidizer and Cleaner, the second is the Carnauba Wax/Polish/Sealer.  No hard to follow directions are needed to use this stuff.  All you have to do is; using a soft cloth, rub the Deoxidizer/Cleaner on a Vulcanite stem until it feels smooth... and you will feel it get smooth, and the oxidation is gone.  Then rinse the stem with warm (not hot!) water and let it dry.  When it’s dry, apply the Carnauba Wax/Polish/Sealer by rubbing it on with a soft cloth.  Let it dry for about 10 minutes, then polish the stem.  You will be amazed at the results.  If you apply the Carnauba Wax/Polish/Sealer to your stems every one or two months, they will NEVER OXIDIZE AGAIN.

The Carnauba Wax/Sealer also does an excellent job of polishing and sealing briar and can be purchased separately by adding the “Carnauba Wax/Sealer Only” to your cart.

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1 - 1.5 oz.


1 - 1.1 oz.

Carnauba Wax/Polish/Sealer

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Full Kit - Deoxidizer & Carnauba Wax/Sealer


Deoxidizer/Cleaner Only


Carnauba Wax/ Sealer Only

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