One Star & Two Star General Oom Paul

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These are neat pipes.  I have shortened the shank on the MM General to make the balance of the pipe and stem look and feel right.  It can either be called an Oom Paul, or a Churchwarden with attitude.  As with all Missouri Meerschaum Corn Cob pipes, these pipes give a good dry smoke, made even cooler by the longer stems.

The One Star with the 4-3/4” Lucite stem can be ordered in any of our ‘Forever’ Stem Lucite colors.  The Two Star with the 8” stem only comes in black Vulcanite.

As the MM General has to be modified to look right with the stems, we do not sell the stems separately, although they do fit any of the MM Filter style pipes, just look kind of silly with the long, unmodified shank.

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