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As every pipe smoker knows, Corn Cobs, dollar for dollar, are the best smoking pipes in the world.  They need no break-in, they smoke cool and dry, they can be used to get pure tobacco flavor from new tobaccos, they are very inexpensive, and if one falls out of your pocket and is ground up by the lawnmower you won’t be tempted to hang yourself from the shower curtain rod.

We are a Missouri Meerschaum dealer and proudly sell their Corn Cob pipes.  Missouri Meerschaums are wonderful pipes, but their stems leave a lot to be desired.  Many times the stems get chewed up beyond comfortable use well before the corn cob bowls have given up the ghost.  We offer a solution which we call ‘Forever Stems’™.  Our ‘Forever Stems’ range from Standard and fancy Vulcanite replacements to Churchwardens to Fancy colored swirl Lucite.  These stems are all individually made from stem blanks of the best materials available.  The stems and buttons are hand shaped and the dot is hand inlaid.

The stem dot on each stem, an Acrylic circle with a Brass dot centered in it, gives an added ‘touch of class’ to these beautiful stems.  Your ho-hum Corn Cob pipe will become a conversation piece, something you won’t hesitate to smoke in public (if the law allows!), and will still give the wonderful smoke you expect from a corn cob pipe.  The neat part is that with few exceptions, one Forever corn cob stem fits all Missouri Meerschaum Corn Cob pipes, old and new.   You will be able to move your stem from pipe to pipe to pipe forever.

As there are so many choices of style, color and tenon size, each stem is cut and finished to your order.  Your stem order will always be shipped within two days of receipt.

For those of you who are new to the world of Missouri Meerschaum Corn Cob Pipes, or just want to learn more than you already know about the world’s best smoking pipes; Corn Cobs, here is a link to ‘The Corncob Primer’.   It was written by John Patton, the Founder and President of the CornCob Snob Society now known as the Corncob Snob Forum on Pipe Smoker Forum.  He also has a “MM Buyers Guide” that is well worth a look.  John credits his dad, Carly with most of the information in the Primer, who handed it down to John, now a 50 year ‘cobber’ himself.  John has done a great job of presenting the best, most complete Corn Cob articles I have ever seen .  Please take a look. 

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