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The Carbon Cake Softener is a liquid pipe-carbon solvent, formulated by a crazy Pharmaceutical Chemist and long time pipe smoker.  It was created specifically to soften the medium-hard to hard, dense carbon cake found in pipe bowls.  It is easy to use, and softens the carbon so that it can be easily reamed using a standard pipe reamer.  It does no harm to briar, and is actually good for it. 

To use:

Squirt the Carbon Cake Softener liberally around  the inside of the bowl.  Then use a Q-Tip or pipe cleaner to spread it even over the carbon cake.  The pipe should then be set aside for from an hour to over night depending on the hardness and amount of carbon.  Start with one hour.

Once the carbon cake has softened, simply ream the bowl as usual with a standard pipe reamer.  Wipe any remaining residue from the bowl using a paper towel.  Let the bowl dry completely and you’re finished.

To give you an idea of the amount to use, the 2 ounce bottle should treat up to 20 pipes depending on the thickness and hardness of carbon and therefore the amount needed to soften it.  Our testers have consistently been able to treat 18 to 20 pipes per bottle.

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Carbon 1 Very Small


Carbon 1 Very Small
New Kit1 Very Small

Carbon Cake Softener/Vulcanite Restoration Kit Bundle


   $12.75   Carbon Cake Softener - 2 Ounce Bottle


   $29.75   Carbon Cake Softener/Stem Restoration Kit Bundle (Save $2.75)

Vulcanite Stem Restoration Kit and Refills

New Kit1 Very Small


   $19.75   Full Kit - Deoxidizer/Cleaner and Carnauba Wax/Sealer/Polish


   $11.25   Carnauba Wax/Sealer/Polish Refill


   $11.25   Deoxidizer/Cleaner Refill

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